Pumpkin patches and corn mazes… is it really autumn if you haven’t enjoyed these? I got to take Tin-tin to his very first corn maze this weekend. We were visiting my folks out in the country, which was an absolute blast, and it reminded me that I really do want to live on some acreage… more on that later. The pumpkin patch was full of activities including a trampoline pillow, inflatable slides, and a tractor train ride. By the time we got to the corn maze, my little guy was getting worn out. We entered the maze and made a few turns, maybe 10 minutes of adventure, when he matter-of-factly announced,

“I want to get out now.”

Erm… isn’t that what we were doing? Wandering around until we found our way out?  That’s kind of the point, buddy! Fearing a meltdown, I tried to think of alternatives. “Do you want to just cut through and go straight out, buddy?” Cheating is better than crying any day, and desperate times call for desperate measures. It would surely take us quite awhile to move forward, so what other choice did we have?

“No, let’s just go back.”

… oh. I didn’t even think of retracing our steps. As we simply walked back the way we had come, and back out of the entrance, I had to smile. I wonder how many times in life we get stuck in a false conundrum, when there’s a simple answer. I’ve always enjoyed the quote, “Don’t stay committed to your mistake just because you spent a long time making it.” When you realize something isn’t for you, it’s okay to just call it quits and figure something else out. If you feel like you don’t have any options, try asking a kid. They’ll think of something.


Photo of a field of corn at sunset