Who here has any of these struggles?

  • Trouble focusing
  • Trouble with executive function (the ability to act)
  • Easily distracted
  • More of a starter than a finisher
  • Mundane tasks seem impossible and overwhelming

I deal with all of these off and on and it makes homemaking SO HARD. I want to get things done, I truly do. I’m not a lazy person! I know I’m not, because on good mental health days I suddenly get all kinds of work done and feel good about doing it! A lot of days though, it’s harder than it needs to be. My brain just struggles sometimes! One of the easiest things I do to combat this is using my focus roller. Three essential oils and your choice of carrier oil. Boom. Easy. 

Essential oils are pure, natural, and a great way to gently point your system towards health.

When I roll this combination on my neck, I don’t necessarily… feel… anything. In fact I often roll it on and then give up on it working! A couple of hours later, I suddenly realize I completed the tasks I’d been avoiding and my living room is tidy for the first time in a few days. It’s subtle but effective for me!

Lavender, cedarwood, and vetiver are all you need. All three of these are calming and grounding. You might be surprised that someone who isn’t getting stuff done needs CALMING oils, right? But it’s what many of our brains need! The problem is that our brains are spinning, constantly running and not getting any traction. We need to sloooooow it down so we can latch on to a thought, an action, and complete our task before we wander off again. Vetiver in particular is just fantastic for grounding. It can really help children who are having trouble controlling their emotions and reactions, as well!

So give it a try. Grab a roller bottle and add 5-15 drops each of lavender, and fill it the rest of the way with a carrier oil (almond, fractionated coconut). If you don’t have your essential oils yet, a premium starter kit will really kick off your journey. Grab one, and I’ll personally send you a focus roller as a free gift. <3 You can get your own premium starter kit at bit.ly/molliehittYL and start your journey today!

Good luck and I hope we all focus well today!